We offer service in all aspects of exports.
Our main service consists of four points.



Preliminary research gives us a grim picture of the market, Enterprises, products and their prices. You need to provide us with complete information about the required product, and then we start searching for manufacturers, filtering and selecting the best options. The result of the initial survey shows the market picture and rough prices. After that, you decide with which enterprise to start a business relationship and start the negotiation process.



This is the main factor in business in China. We have the experience to handle the task correctly. Under Georgian management, qualified Chinese colleagues negotiate in the local language to achieve the best results. Protect your interests and get the maximum outcomes. We will be your representative, as well as lead negotiations directly with you.

ხარისხის კონტროლი

Quality control

We will schedule an inspection as a physical visit of an employee or an inspection of an internationally accredited company. At the same time, we study the experience, certification, history, credibility, the company’s scale and performance. When needed, we send our employees to the factory, and we will inspect the product on the spot. Also, schedule video meetings, and attend packing and shipping processes.



Prices and conditions in this field are variable and changeable. We are constantly monitoring the market and recommend the company that offers the most favourable terms. We have selected and cooperating with more than ten experienced companies, comparing prices and recommending the best solution. If you have your forwarder, in this case, we will deliver the product (EXW, FCA, FOB) to the desired location throughout China.

Under Georgian management, the teams are in three countries; Georgia, Uzbekistan and China. Customer service, communications, information exchange, order maintenance, etc., is done with our official representatives in the same country. The central office is located in Kunming, Yunnan Province, from where the work processes are managed. Meanwhile, the Guangzhou branch receives, inspects, distributes and collects cargo.