(English) Fermentor Reactor

(English) Fermentor Reactor is used for various kinds of microbiology fermentation, our equipment adopt the top mechanical agitator system, the speed can be adjustable, and the all parameters can be controllable, like the reactor temperature, pressure, PH data, PO2 data, foam destroyer etc. All the parameters can be recorded, stored and printed from the control panel automatic. So It is excellent stability and convenient operation.

Reactor is a closed vessel, which is used to perform a chemical reaction, distillation, crystallisation, mixing, and isolation of materials etc. In API manufacturing facility.

This is specially designed equipment with agitator and gearbox with flameproof electrical motor. Agitator is used for proper mixing, eddy formation, Vortex formation as per requirement. Agitator types are decided based on precess requirement.

Single full Jacket/limpect coil jacket is used for maintaining reaction conditions by providing utilities like steam, chilled water, cooling water, chilled brine and hot water. Solids are charged into reactor through Manhole/Nozzles manually and liquids are charged in to reactor by liquid transfer pipelines connected to reactor or manually through manhole.

Solution or slurry is discharged from the reactor by nitrogen pressure or by pump, through bottom discharge valve.
Machine structure Reactor including the following unit: reaction tank, condenser, sub-cooler, collection tank and pipeline.


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